Baggage Information

Contact your airline operator regarding baggage regulations.


At Israel’s Ben Gurion International Airport (known by its Hebrew acronym ‘NaTBaG’), your first step is passport control. Please note that passport control might take some time depending on how busy the airport is and how many questions Border Control have for you. Come prepared with relevant documentation from Kinneret Academic College in your hand luggage or personal bag.

Upon your arrival at Ben Gurion Airport, the best way to get to Kinneret Academic College and the Kinneret Region is by train:

Train: From the arrivals hall, follow the signs to the train station, which is located just outside the main doors of the airport terminal. Train tickets can be purchased from automated ticket machines. You can take the train to a station called Beit She’an. You will need to change trains in Haifa at a station called Haifa Center-HaShmona. (The train also goes to Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, and many other cities in Israel). Once you arrive at the Beit She’an Railway Station, you will need to take a taxi or bus to your final destination.

Take into account that if you arrive on Saturday, there is very limited train service. In general, trains run up to an hour before sundown on Friday, and resume running on Saturday night approximately an hour after sunset. For information on schedules and fares, call Israel Railways Information Service at 03-6117000 or go on their website: Israel Railways