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Kinneret College was founded in 1965.

Situated on the beautiful shores of the Sea of Galilee, the College has been changing lives for more than 50 years. From offering a number exciting and unique programs in a range of academic fields, to serving as a dynamic, diverse and innovative campus, to working closely with surrounding communities, we take pride in helping our students, faculty, staff and partners turn new ideas into productive outcomes that change lives.

Our campus is surrounded by Kibbutzim (collective) communities and agricultural farms. Close to many hiking trails and tourist attractions, students enjoy an array of activities including, biking, hiking and swimming as well as the many historic and religiously significant sites located a short distance from campus.

Our staff is diverse and strive to create even greater diversity in the continued recruitment and development of the college. Human capital at the college contributes to the academic development and quality of students who study.

Kinneret College stands out in its uniqueness in terms of developing our student’s skills and preparing them for employment by connecting and integrating them into various industries and organizations.

Today, students’ study for B.A., M.A., B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees in the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities and the Achi Racov Faculty of Engineering.

Our Vision

To be a leader of excellence in teaching, research, applied training, and specialized academic development in the fields of engineering, social sciences and humanities

To provide opportunities to communities in the region, in terms of academic education, diploma study, advanced study and academic entrepreneurship

Kinneret Academic College is an institution that provides bachelor’s degree studies and graduate degree studies and places the student at the core of its work, advances high academic standards and trains it’s graduates to address the challenges of tomorrow.




Accommodate about 250 beds, in three buildings offering a variety of room types. The dormitories, designed by Architect Prof. Gabi Schwartz, offer views of the green fields of the valley to the south and the blue waters of the Sea of Galilees to the north.

Located on our south campus, in the historic Zemach Railway Station complex. The restored railway buildings serve as the home of the Land of Israel Studies Department. The complex maintains a unique visitors center where students are the tour guides and visitors can learn about to the history of the valley train and the surrounding area.

Room Furniture

Bed and mattress (width 120cm), Closet, Bookcase, Desk, Chair, Air Conditioner


Refrigerator, Electrical stove, Table and chairs

Student services in the dormitory complex

Washer and Dryer Machines, Game and Meeting Rooms, Exercise Machines, Convenience Store, Parking Lot, Photocopying and Printing Room

Dormitory office:

Ayela Mizrahi
Email: meonot@kinneret.ac.il


Some students choose to live in nearby off-campus apartments in Tiberias as well as in communities called Kibbutzim. These communities offer rental units.