M.Sc.* in Water Industry Engineering

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What is water engineering?

Water engineering is unique in the field of engineering. It focuses on water-supply networks, wastewater collection systems, pumping systems, and the increasingly important area of water-processing, used to produce high-quality water from low-quality resources. Water treatment, saline water desalination and wastewater treatment are at the heart of solutions for water shortages plaguing our globe.

Why is studying for a Master’s degree in water engineering at Kinneret Academic College the best choice for you?

The Water Industry Engineering Department at Kinneret Academic College opened its Bachelor of Science program in Water Industry Engineering in 2010 with the close collaboration of the Israeli water industry. In opening the BSc course, our aim was to train highly-qualified engineers with innovative knowledge, who will be the future leaders of the concerted and urgent effort to fight the threat of water shortage in the country and in the world.

Today, just 12 years later, this program is considered a monumental success, with more than 300 graduates working in the water industry, many holding senior engineering and managerial positions.

Based on this experience, Kinneret Academic College has now developed an international Master of Science program in English, which has been approved by the Israeli Council of Higher Education. The aim of the program is to train water experts in the field of water engineering, with a focus on water and wastewater treatment. This prestigious program is based on three fundamental elements:

Supplementary courses for those who lack the required level of previous education in water chemistry and microbiology, desalination, and water and wastewater treatment.

Advanced courses in water and wastewater treatment, taught by leading academics and experts in the field of water engineering.

Collaboration with leading organizations and research centers in the Israeli water sector during the second-year project, and exposure to extra-curricular content throughout the studies.

The program equips graduates with skills that will enable them to become experts in various technologies related to the water industry: to define, analyze, and introduce technologies and solutions for various types of water transport and water purification systems.

The program also gives graduates the tools to define and analyze theoretical and practical challenges; to develop innovative treatment processes, to participate in planning teams at new facilities, to offer solutions to challenges in existing facilities, to manage the water studies program in various organizations, to propose solutions to managers and policy-makers, and to establish their expertise and capability in professional and scientific forums.